In Between

Eric GreerHope, Introduction

Welcome to the new website for RCC. The site is new, our church is new (21 months), and the blog is new. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences, thoughts, and lessons learned along the way. I’ve decided to call my new blog, “The In Between,” to speak to the life that we live presently that is anchored in history – Jesus’ resurrection and ascension – while we journey forward in our hope grounded in the future of a New Creation – a world in which all things are made new.

That hope is why our little church plant on the Plymouth Bay of Massachusetts is called Restoration Community Church. We believe that we can participate now “in between” to sketch out an image of what it will be like when God fully restores this good creation that has been brought low by the pain, suffering, injustice, and rebellion of humanity. Through Jesus, I believe God will make all things new. Check back often as I explore what that looks like in “The In Between.”