Food Pantry

In partnership with the South Shore Community Action Council we work to provide food for anyone in need. We have donated many hours of volunteer service to the community food bank. Also, we operate our own food pantry to provide local families and individuals with supplemental food items. Our service is free to those in need and always ministered with prayer and dignity.

Volunteers are welcome in helping pick up food items to keep the pantry current and neat. 

Click this link to volunteer.


Giving Garden

While our pantry offers shelf stable and frozen foods to those in need, we recognize the importance of making fresh foods available as well. In 2018 we began our garden with one large raised bed offering corn, squash, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, and more.

We will add more beds as we can and anyone is invited to help with planning, weeding, harvesting, and tending the garden.


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