Get Involved

We are a community that works together. Here are the various ways to get involved:

Administration & Finance
The church is an organism... A family, but it also involves organization. There are lots of important, behind the scenes roles that help with the organizational aspect. These include the nuts and bolts of paying bills, accounting, keeping records of individuals and families for follow-up and care, caring for property, insurance for property and activities, or just making sure the thermostat is set at a comfortable level before we gather and at a minimal level when we are not. The more actively involved we are in administration, the more we have available to do the most important work of serving others for the cause of Jesus.
Alpha Course
The Alpha Course is offered periodically to our community as a way to have open and safe discussion about the big questions in life and about the Christian faith. The course takes place over 11 weeks and is about 1 1/2 hours in length each week. It begins with a meal which is followed by participants watching a 25 minute video and then a time for discussion about the topic of the evening. Big questions include, "Is There More to Life Than This? Who Is Jesus?  How Does God Guide Us?" and more. Volunteers help prepare the meal, run the audio / visual components, or facilitate the discussion.
Children’s Ministry

Our kids matter and so we are building out a great new space for them to enjoy their time with one another as they learn about the story of Jesus. If you are interested in helping out with our children let us know. Their safety is first, so all participants working with minor aged kids must successfully complete a background check.

Counseling Center

Eric Greer, pastor of RCC, is a Marriage & Family Therapist who has been practicing for over two decades. Eric’s practice is a free ministry to our community.

His specialties in the field include work with couples, anxiety, trauma, depression, veteran’s issues, spiritual issues, addictions, and those who live with and love people with addictions.  Eric teaches graduate level Marriage & Family Therapy courses at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy and has conducted numerous intensive therapy workshops, couples’ retreats, and seminars over the years.

Are you needing help? Fill out our contact form and let us know.

Food Pantry

In partnership with the South Shore Community Action Council we work to provide food for anyone in need. We have donated many hours of volunteer service to the community food bank. Also, we operate our own food pantry to provide local families and individuals with supplemental food items. Our service is free to those in need and always ministered with prayer and dignity. Volunteers are welcome in helping pick up food items to keep the pantry current and neat.

Giving Garden

While our pantry offers shelf stable and frozen foods to those in need, we recognize the importance of making fresh foods available as well. In 2018 we began our garden with one large raised bed offering corn, squash, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, and more. We will add more beds as we can and anyone is invited to help with planning, weeding, harvesting, and tending the garden.

Technology Ministry

During and before our worship gathering on Sundays, volunteers help with running the sound mixing board, video camera, and projection system. Additionally, the video is edited and rendered for distribution on our website and Vimeo each week. This ministry also is involved in website editing, preparation of slides for the projection system on Sundays, and working to upgrade existing systems.

Toys 4 Tots

One of our community partners is the Plymouth Marine Corps League. On our “launch” Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, Restoration Community Church collected $1095 to give to Toys 4 Tots. The following year we gave even more. In addition, we invest several volunteer hours picking up toys from area merchants who were gracious enough to keep collection boxes in their business.

Worship Ministry

Our worship ministry is comprised of a team of gifted singers and musicians. They prayerfully select music for our gatherings, assign roles for reading scripture, leading communion service, prayer and help prepare the slide presentation during our gathering. Volunteers are welcome to serve on our praise team as well as the other roles above.


FriendSpeak is a ministry that helps our international neighbors improve their English while studying one-on-one with a friend of Restoration Community Church. We meet by appointment at the Restoration Community Church building at 213 Main St., Kingston, MA 02364. For more information contact Eric Greer at (781) 361-9108 or use the Contact Us page to send an email.  FriendSpeak is FREE. Share with your neighbors and friends. Click here to read more.


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