Leadership Team


Eric Greer

Eric Greer is the teaching pastor for Restoration Community Church. He and his family: Traci, Melanie, and Rachel moved to New England in 2013 to plant RCC. Eric is a published author and his books and magazine articles have ranged from serious works on addiction, relationships, and trauma to articles on the outdoors and hunting.

He loves the Red Sox, running, travel, and beekeeping. He also serves as an adjunct professor for Eastern Nazarene in the Graduate Counseling Program and the Kingston Fire Department as Chaplain and Call Firefighter.

Eric volunteers with Veteran’s organizations locally and the Commonwealth. His favorite movie is Nacho Libre and worst nightmare is being locked in a room full of cats.


Traci Greer

Traci is a key financial supporter for Restoration Community Church. That might sound like an unusual role, but it is critical and not without precedent. In the Gospel stories of Jesus, you can read about how women supported his ministry financially as well as his apostles when they began their mission in the book of Acts. Traci’s work as a Nurse Anesthetist allows Eric to serve without burdening the church with a preacher’s salary and her generosity has extended to several renovation projects on the campus.


Denise Rolfs

Denise Rolfs serves as the treasurer and a deacon for RCC. Deeply imbedded in her DNA is the call to serve which is what the Greek word “deacon” means – a servant. Denise's career began as an EMT where she served people in the most vulnerable situations. She continued her education to become a Respiratory Therapist and later a Polysomnographer (sleep lab technician).

Denise’s career in the medical field gave her a great respect for senior citizens – the people who, she reminds us, built this country and tried to make things better for the next generation. She particularly has a heart for seniors who've been neglected by family or friends and who society has labeled as “disposable.” Her faith in Jesus has inspired her to make her little corner of the world somewhat better than she found it and our church is glad to have her in our corner.

Besides Jesus, Denise has an almost unhealthy obsession for the old cowboy television show, “Gunsmoke” and the character named Festus. She hardly misses an opportunity to DVR or watch an episode of what is still the longest running dramatic television show in U.S. history. Why?? Well Denise will tell you that Festus had such integrity that he once rode his mule hundreds of miles to assist a woman he made a promise to and to return a debt to her. Denise loves those sorts of stories. To us, she embodies them.


Joe & Judy Goldberg

Joe Goldberg is an elder for RCC and is married to Judy who serves as our secretary. Joe & Judy have four adult daughters, one son-in-law, and two beautiful grand babies. Joe has served in law enforcement for several years. Together, Joe & Judy with their family have served several new church plants in New England. They are passionate about sharing Jesus and growing the Kingdom of God.


Joe and Judy Goldberg

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